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Szylk Wane

Urban Artist, Muralist

I always knew I wanted to expose my imagination to the world, and I'm so lucky I can open doors to my mind through art. Never mind the art courses and higher education I can now call myself an ARTIST after experiencing life's ups and downs.

I have painted all over my city of London and county of Hertfordshire, Scotland, Hungary, Malta, and the list goes on...

 Absolutely in love with New York City, the aera of 1950's and  the multi national Europe.

I have many articles written about me and how my work inspires yourg girls and women around the globe. I am an academically trained artist, before I find my sound in street art I have  showcased my traditional landscapes and portraits in galleries, worked with established companies, and painted many pieces of art for my beautiful collectors. Since I swapped my brushes to spraycans, and canvas to walls, I entered a different word of art, where curators are all people of the streets.

I stay young and spirited as long as I can put smile on people's faces with my creations.



Szylk Wane

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Sentiment project at Bickerton Grace Gallery

January 11, 2021

The Bickerton Grace Gallery is celebrating Sentiment with 100 Artists who are all creating their piece of Sentiment with them. Each original artwork is cut to 1000 pieces connected with a single golden line, connecting all the collectors to the artist and to each other. 

I'm grateful to be able to represent my 1950's inspired artwork with a modern twist. You can purchase your piece of Sentiment at

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bracket on gallery sentiment project

MurWalls project at Princess Alexandra Hospital -Harlow 

AUGUST, 2020

As you all know the 2020 was a difficult year for many of us. Some felt more of unfortunate effects of the pandemic than others. During these hard  times our National Health Service was put under extreme pressure, and had to face the  demanding consequences of the fast spreading virus. I was able to express my gratitude thank to MurWalls NHS  rainbow for Princess Alexandra Hospital project in Harlow, Essex. Special thanks to Marc Silver - founder of MurWalls for organising it, and making sure I had everything I needed for this two storey mural. 
Check out MurWalls at;

Princess Alexandra Hospital articles can be found

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"Lives Not Knives" campaign Hemel Hempstead

31 December 2020 

‘LIVES NOT KNIVES’ Literally until the last hours of 2020   I was painting a busy underpass in Hemel Hempstead with MurWalls - - which is a main entry for many locals to go into the town centre. 
It was a difficult project working with the elements but the amazing feedback from locals was keeping us going. I tried to select a variety of photos to display here today to give you an overview of our input. Mr. MEANA (ig: @meanamania ) with the incredible, photoreal Mona Lisa portrait and the stags. @Yakeism @Dont.Ramp positive messages, lettering and emojis, myself Szylk Wane (ig : @szylkwane ) came with layout and painting of flowers and emojis. 
This incredible project of uplifting artwork supported the Hertfordshire Police @hertspolice ‘Lives Not Knives’ campaign.

Thank you to Hertfordshire County Council @hertscc for the opportunity and look forward to many more.
Special Thanks to Marc Silver founder of MurWalls, for involving me and for keeping us warm with unlimited amount of ginger nut latte 

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Fifa -Twitter - Women in Football 2019


Twitter UK was behind a series of murals of female footballers which have been springing up in cities around the UK, including Liverpool, Manchester, London, Edinburgh, Dunfermline, Irvine and Aberdeen. 

The social networking site has commissioned a group of artists via Graffiti Kings - - to paint 12 murals around Great Britain. With the leading of Mr. MEANA - - we have painted 3 murals in Scotland. 

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Women’s football graffiti

Santa window by London eye - RESTAURANT

01. 12. 2019.

This custom window was ordered by the owner of newly opened restaurant called Graffiti Shack. Located by the side of world famous landmark London Eye. Character of Santa Claus was inspired by my urban artist friend Mr. MEANA

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Damaged mural restoration in Havant 

14. 04. 2021. 

This underpass mural suffered fire damage in Havant  few months ago. MurWalls ( ig; @MurWalls  came to the rescue.  First the damaged panels were cleaned and  painted white with a base layer, than I tried my best to adopt the style of previous artist and match the colours the original design. As a commission artists its always the most challenging to finish or fix other artists paintings, and analise the technique, the paint, the design and over all feel of a mural. When I come across a damaged painting that need repairing, I  rely on my academic studies from Pál Lázár famous hungarian painter, who told me "If you want to be a good painter put your ego aside and stay humbleI, if you want to be a fantastic painter be a chameleon" I was excited to become a chameleon for this project as it required brushwork and was able to use my colour mixing skills. Special Thanks to Marc Silver CEO of MurWalls for organising it and making sure I have unlimited supply of caffeine. 


Stevenage Indoor Market Mural

27. 04. 2021

In 2021 April a member of Stevenage Town Council Management  (Stevenage Borough Council) team contacted informed me, that my design was chosen for their next community mural, displayed in the heart of the town, inspiring people of Stevenage to choose bicycle as the way of transport by providing free bicycle parking in a secure spot in the Indoor Market. Alongside Mr. MEANA ( painted this project using  spraycans only.  Contact me with confidence if you have similar mural needs. 

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Live Art - Mural

Now you can watch me paint live at one of your events! If it's a wedding, birthday, graduation or just a friendly gathering, no matter the occasion I can bring some colour to your venue with graffiti or street art, customised to suit your budget and requirement.

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